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Anya Kidz Index 5 valvoly




. All images are available in the public domain. The PNG file format was specifically designed for image exchange. PNG does not have a public API (Application Programming Interface) for developers to use, but it does have official extensions for pixel-based animations and graphics.png Description PNG is the native file format of the Portable Network Graphics or Portable Network Graphics Standard. The Portable Network Graphics standard is a royalty-free format specification developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as a successor to the GIF standard. PNG was designed to have a number of differences from GIF, and intended to provide additional features such as a more robust colour palette, transparency, alpha channels, animations, and a more memory-efficient format. PNG files are written in ASCII text and are unzipped on the fly. Unlike ZIP, they are not compressed and don’t have data structures to keep the file sizes small. PNG is an official Internet Standard. More » PNG has been the preferred Internet format for graphics and images. The file extension PNG is the native file format for the Portable Network Graphics standard. PNG is a format for lossy and lossless compression of monochrome and color bitmap image files, and was designed as an alternative to GIF. PNG provides most of the features of GIF, and uses a different and more efficient compression algorithm. PNG allows up to four simultaneous color bitmaps, but GIF only supports a single image at a time. PNG was not as popular as GIF until about 2003. While GIF is still used on the Web, it has not been updated since 1998. PNG has been used for some time in some professional graphics applications. PNG is also used to store computer icons and logos, including in Mac OS X. The format was also extended by the Microsoft Windows team to allow for the storage of transparent PNG files and indexed color. Wikipedia has a further overview of PNG. PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphics”. If you are looking to download a PNG file from the internet, chances are that this format is being used. The World Wide Web Consortium, which also owns the GIF format, introduced the PNG format in 1997 as a replacement for the GIF. It provides most of the features of GIF, but it uses a different and more efficient compression algorithm. As of November 2017, the World Wide Web is now overwhelmingly dominated by the PNG format over the GIF format. In a PNG file, the image is represented using a




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